Current Draft list

Estella’s Raspberry Wheat- 5.8%
Cooper’s Copper Ale- 5.3%
Impasse Mexicano Brown Lager- 6.5%
Happy Trail IPA- 6.9%
River City Ruby Porter- 5.8%
Tun Stuffer English Barleywine- 13%
MBC Root Beer- 0.0%

Guest Draft list
Fat Head’s Bumble Berry Honey Ale
Platform Raspberry Cider



(Available Year Round)
One of our flagship beers, this is a medium bodied amber ale. Cooper’s pours copper in color and has a well balanced blend of malty notes and a mild bitterness.
ABV: 5.3% IBU: 38
ABV: 5.3% IBU:38

(Available Year Round)
An American wheat ale featuring loads of Raspberry for a nice fruity flavor. This beer is dry, tart and thirst quenching. It’ll have you coming back for more!
ABV: 5.8% IBU:12


(Available year round when ‘Happy Trail IPA’ is not on tap)
This West Coast-Style IPA is an aggressively hopped, full flavored beer! An abundance of hops are combined throughout the brewing process to bring out different characteristics. Columbus, Amarillo, Citra, Warrior, Centennial, & Chinook team up to give your tongue a good smashing!
ABV: 6.9% IBU:70

(Available year round when ‘Hop Smash IPA’ is not on tap)
A wheat based IPA generously hopped with Mosaic & Simcoe hops!
ABV: 6.9% IBU:71 

(Available year round when ‘Smoked Porter’ is not on tap)
Our Milk Stout is a traditional English stout infused with Lactose sugar to create a creamy complex brew. Also named Sweet or Cream Stout, this beer is delicious no matter what you call it!
ABV 4.7% IBU 10 

(This is an occasional brew!)
The Official Rivers, Trails & Ales Festival Beer! This is a single hopped, session IPA! Hopped exclusively with Falconer’s Flight hops, which is a blend of Northwestern US hops like Centennial, Citra, Simcoe and more. An easy drinking beer great for a post ride or paddle session!
ABV: 4.5% IBU:45


(Available year round when ‘Milk Stout’ is not on tap)
Light smoke and dark roasted malts combined with crystal and mosaic hops to round out this easy drinking porter!
ABV 5.6% IBU 22

Putnam’s Pawpaw Ale

(Seasonal Beer, available mid September-October)
Pale malt and red wheat lay the foundation for this complex and refreshing ale brewed with local pawpaws and sweet oranges.
ABV: 6.0% IBU: 15

Tun Stuffer English Barleywine

(One time brew!)
A complex blend of English malts, hops and yeast as well as a large original gravity giving this brew a malty sweetness and fruitiness that finishes with crisp hop notes and hints of bourbon.
ABV 13% IBU 44

MBC Root beer!

Looking for a non alcoholic drink!? MBC’s homemade root beer is a great option! Made with 100% pure cane sugar, it’ll have you thinking about your childhood in no time!

Other drinks available at MBC!
ABV: 0.0%


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